The 5 Most Important Things Estate Agents Must Understand About Houses

Houses are more than just a collection of materials. They have a soul and can be living beings if you allow it. As an estate agent, you have to be aware of the most important aspects that make a house sell. 


We’ve taken a look at the most important aspects of a house that estate agents should be aware of when selling, showing, and advertising houses. It is good to note these points as they will help you market houses effectively. These tips can also be useful for people buying or renting homes or apartments in the future too.


These points are:


  • Location, Location, Location
  • Size Matters
  • Age and Maintenance
  • Curb appeal
  • Pricing


Location, Location, Location


Location, location, location. It’s one of the most important things to consider when buying a home.


And while it might seem like a no-brainer that a home with a great spot will be more valuable than one without, other factors can make or break your investment.


Location is everything when it comes to real estate. A home in a bad neighborhood might not be worth what it’s listed for on paper—and if it’s not properly marketed or priced so that people know they can get good deals on it, no one will want to buy it either. So while you may be able to find some great deals in less-than-ideal areas because no one wants them, you’re going to have to do some maintenance work or bring them up to code before selling them off at full price again later on down the road (if ever)


Size Matters


When you’re looking for a new house, size matters.


If you’re single or your family is small, you might be able to get away with living in a smaller space. But if you have a huge family or many friends who like to stay over, it’s probably important that you live in a bigger place.


Yes, there are downsides to living in a big house—it can be hard to keep things clean and tidy when there are so many people around! But if you like having lots of friends over or need a lot of space for storage or work areas, it makes sense to look for as much room as possible.


Age and Maintenance


As you’re looking for a new home, it’s important to consider the age of the home. While an older home may be more charming and have more character, it may also need more maintenance. If you’re willing to put in the effort, an older home might be just what you’re looking for.


A newer home will obviously cost more money upfront, but it may require less long-term maintenance costs than an older one.


Curb Appeal


Your home’s curb appeal is the first impression you make on anyone who drives by, and it can make or break whether or not they decide to come inside. It’s also a great way to show off what you’ve done with your outdoor space and make it feel more like home.




Of course, pricing will always be a factor when selling a home.


In order to sell your home for the best price possible, we’ll need to make sure it’s priced just right—not too high or too low. 


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