Real Estate Farming Ideas For Beginners

When you are a real estate agent, your goal is to create a healthy and committed clients list. There are many different tools that you will want to keep in mind. Whether optimizing your website or sending out real estate postcards, these methods are essential for attracting new contacts and clients. You can use these methods to master your business and expand your base.


  • Real Estate Farming
  • Utilize Real Estate Postcard Mailers
  • Partner With Local Businesses
  • Focus On Local Seo Within Your Community
  • Attend and Participate In Local Events


Real Estate Farming


Real estate farming is an essential part of the real estate professional’s arsenal of marketing tools. It can help you stay top of mind with various contacts, clients, and potential business partners. Still, it also enables you to establish your community authority and credibility as a real estate professional. In short, real estate farming is designed to help you make meaningful connections that will benefit your real estate business today and help you build a long-term referral pipeline.


So, now that we know what real estate farming is, it’s time to look at some of the best real estate farming ideas that you can implement today!


Utilize Real Estate Postcard Mailers


Remember when you went to the mailbox to get your mail, and there was nothing but bills, ads, and junk? Imagine opening your mailbox to a unique-looking postcard that grabs your attention. Real estate postcard mailers are a very effective way of getting an agent’s brand out there. It is the perfect way to introduce yourself and your agency’s services.


Partner With Local Businesses


One way to get in with the locals, even if you are relatively new to the community, is to partner with businesses that are well established within the community. Businesses such as salons, medical offices, grocery stores, and restaurants are always willing participants. Ways to utilize this partnership and increase your exposure include:


-Creating a promotional poster with an attractive offer for new clients, such as a gift card or a free home inspection


-Leaving marketing material in the business for people to peruse and take home with them


-Put up advertisement material, or create a promotional video in a business that has a TV screen


Partnering with other businesses is great for getting your name out there within the community, but it helps foster relationships between you and other companies that can prove mutually beneficial.


Focus On Local Seo Within Your Community


One of the first things that people do to find a business is search online, so many companies want to take advantage of this but are not sure where to begin. While you very likely have a website for your site, you may not be attracting as many clients within your area as possible if you are not taking advantage of local SEO.


Speak with your marketing team and site managers to determine ways to specifically attract the kinds of clients you are looking for within your community.


Attend and Participate In Local Events


You’ll make a much more significant impact on your potential customers when you show up and participate in local events. If you’re at a soccer game for your town, make it a point to network and meet people or show up representing your business. Undoubtedly, being seen and active within your community will help your business grow!


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