How to Find Hard Money Lenders ?

Hard money loans are asset-based. It’s meant for real estate investors who want to get a quick property flip financed without going through the rigorous underwriting process that banks and traditional lending institutions put you through. Since these lenders don’t have rigid requirements borrowers have to meet, it’s easy for borrowers with bad credit history to get approved. And since hard money loans are short term-usually one year or less repayment is easier and less risky for borrowers.


Hard money lenders work with private investors to offer you funds when you need renovations done or want to start from scratch on a new build (or a remodel!). They know that real estate investing is one of the most profitable ways to build wealth, so they’re willing to lend to you even if your credit isn’t perfect. Often, these lenders will give out loans based solely on your relationship with them without looking at anything else.


If you’re looking for an investment property loan and don’t have enough cash on hand for a down payment, hard money loans will help you finance the purchase. But how do real estate investors find hard money lenders? So if you are also looking for a hard money lender, you are at the right place. So read on to learn;


Ways to Find Hard Money Lenders Near Me:


  • Google Search
  • Attend Local Real Estate Investor Club Meetings
  • Network with Real Estate Professionals
  • Social Media


Google Search


By simply googling “hard money lenders for real estate” with the name of your location, you can find individual companies and compiled lists of hard money lenders in your area. This simple exercise can provide you with a good number of hard money lenders to consider. You can then contact and evaluate them to find the right lender for you., The internet has been a pivotal tool in the Information Age. Nowadays, it’s possible to get any information you want at the touch of a button. Therefore, if you wonder how to find hard money lenders, the internet would be a good place to start.


Attend Local Real Estate Investor Club Meetings


If you are looking for hard money lenders near you, attending local real estate investor club meetings is a great place to start. You are likely to meet a number of potential hard money lenders in these meetings who will be willing to network with you.


Focusing on building strong relationships with these contacts can help you increase your access to capital whenever you need it. Besides, other real estate investors present in the meeting may help you recommend funding your projects.


Network with Real Estate Professionals


Networking with other real estate professionals can help you learn about the details of hard money lending, such as how to find and select a lender, how to apply for a loan, what the interest and fees are, how long it takes to receive an answer, and so much more. Real estate professionals who have dealt with hard money lenders can also introduce you to lenders that they’ve already worked within the past.


Social Media


In the online marketplace, social networking is a powerful tool. There are many opportunities for individuals and businesses to reach big audiences in a relatively short period of time. This marketing advantage has increased the number of social media professionals to attract potential clients. It has also caused more businesses to leverage social media to find hard money lenders.


Finding the Right Hard Money Lender


When it comes time to evaluate hard money lenders, you want to choose a lender that will be the best fit for you. Here are some of the critical things to pay close attention to…


  • Reputation
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Loan Rates and Terms




While getting recommendations from friends and family is a great way to find wedding help, it’s also important to do your research. Check their online reviews and ask around to get feedback from their past clients. This can help you avoid scammers.




Most hard money lenders will provide funds within one to two weeks, although a few may offer same-day processing. In general, the application process is fast and easy, but you should make sure to ask your lender up front how long they take to fund their loans.




A good lender should be able to work closely with you and give you a tailored experience. In other words, we want everyone to have a mortgage that fits their personal situation and budget at competitive rates with the best possible service.


Loan Rates and Terms


Finding a great hard money lender is often the difference between finding a profitable deal and losing money. Using our rental property calculator shows you how different loan terms affect your return on investment.


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