Best markets for real estate investors in 2022

Best markets for real estate investors in 2022

Investing in real estate is appealing because it can generate recurring monthly income to offset expenses associated with servicing your mortgage. Low-interest rates make debt cheap, so homeowners can often refinance their mortgages to pull cash out of their asset class; however, this keeps the real estate market competitive and prices high. If you’re planning on selling before the decade’s end, now may be a great time to buy in larger cities.


If you’re considering a real estate investment in the coming year, there are a few markets worth investigating further due to anticipated price increases. We looked at data and examined trends from across the U.S. to bring you this list of the best places to invest in real estate in 2022. This comprehensive report includes a city-specific market analysis that will help you make important investment decisions and uncover potential profit opportunities. So let’s dive in:


Boise, Idaho


Boise is one of the best long-term real estate investments in the U.S. Boise is a rapidly growing city with community values that make it a fabulous place to live. The supply and demand dynamics continue to drive home prices up in Boise.


Reasons Why Boise is One of The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate


  • Population and Job Growth Triple Than National Average
  • Strong population growth
  • Job growth is 2-3 times the national average
  • The minimal expense of carrying on with work
  • Joblessness rate at 3.5%
  • Forbes positioned #6 for most work development
  • 1-year appreciation gauge of 15-20% (Boise Metro)


Dallas, Texas


Dallas is one of the best places to invest in real estate in 2022. The City has a diverse economy, with jobs and homes for every income level. Expect real estate ownership to become more attainable as more people realize that Dallas real estate is affordable and provides a solid return on investment. The demand for rental units has increased 14% over the last year, which means that there’s an opportunity to invest in Dallas real estate if you want to turn your investment into an asset rather than spend a fortune on rent.


Reasons Why Dallas, Texas is One of The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate


  • Population Expected to Double in Next 15 Years
  • Dallas is one of the innovators in the U.S. for work and population development
  • 52.9% of Dallas rents versus 33% nationally
  • Recently redesigned REOs (2004 or more up to date)
  • Properties 5% – 15% beneath market esteem
  • 3-year appreciation gauge of 10-15%
  • Interest in lodging has flooded in the last year


Houston, Texas


Houston is the world’s leading energy capital and one of the top real estate investment markets. With a century-long history as an energy center, Houston has attracted companies in all major industrial sectors, including chemicals, steel, computers, aerospace, and petrochemicals. It also serves as one of the U.S. entry points; more foreign cars enter the United States through Texas than any other state.


Reasons Why Houston, Texas is One of The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate


  • Houston is the #1 Market in the U.S. for Job Creation
  • Lodging land is reasonable
  • Fourth biggest City in the U.S
  • 5%-20% underneath the current honest evaluation
  • 12 Month ‘No Vacancy’ Guarantee
  • 12 Month Home Warranty
  • $75,000 normal price tag
  • Middle rental each month: $1,550
  • 1-year appreciation conjecture of 10-15% (Houston Metro)
  • Its joblessness rate is far underneath the general level
  • It’s home to more Fortune 500 central commands than any place in America, with the exception of New York
  • Gigantic global exchange gives another challenging task lift to the quickly developing City


Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia, offers attractive buying prospects for savvy rental property investors. The City’s population has grown by over 14 percent in the last decade. This increasing population is driving the housing demand, and an abundance of jobs in Atlanta has created a high demand for renting homes in the City.


Reasons Why Atlanta, Georgia is One of The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate


  • Atlanta is one of the Top Rental Markets in the U.S
  • Recently rehabbed properties with occupants
  • Properties start at $70,000
  • Middle rental each month: $1,500
  • Up to $750/mo in income
  • Five hundred individuals move to Atlanta consistently!
  • Two million additional individuals are normal by 2030
  • 1-year appreciation estimate of 10-15%
  • Atlanta has a developing economy that is eighth in the country for GDP and is home to many organizations that incorporate Fortune 500 organizations
  • The migration of installment handling goliath NCR is relied upon to carry in excess of 3,500 positions to the metro Atlanta area


The United States housing market has been booming lately. In 2022 you can expect to see the same trend, with inventory continuing to fall. If you are looking for a new home or investment in 2022, don’t expect low prices or easy access to the housing market. Also, make sure to research which cities will be the best to invest your money in real estate.


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